About Missen Acoustic

Missen Acoustic was founded in 1984 to design and build bespoke sound systems mainly for professional use. Over the years the product range has widened to include systems for the home. Today we can offer connectivity to analogue and digital sources including wireless. Our aim is to deliver future-proof sound solutions that meet customers' exact needs.
Our approach is holistic and focused. We can put together systems that fit-the-bill, be it a standard product or bespoke. This means smaller, lighter, more user-friendly systems at less cost, made possible only by applying and drawing upon our rich portfolio of electronic building blocks and acoustic devices developed by us over many years.
All Missen Acoustic loudspeakers are characterized by their transparency and constant-directivty. They are joy to listen to. Free from colourations, their smooth, open, sound delivery renders a deep stereo image without listener fatigue.
All our products are designed and manufactued in-house at our London facillity. Utilizing, up-to-date methods and our own precision production equipment allows us to build systems from the ground up, using where possible the rawest materials which in turn gives us greater control over the quality and cost of the final product.
Our rigorous testing, inspection and quality control systems are in place to ensure the customer - the next inspector - is not disapointed.