Facts not opinions

There are many factors involved in the design and manufacture of a sound system. With many years experience in this field we can cut through the dogma, the bs, old hat, and the 'all at sea' prices of some of our competitors. We believe in offering products that deliver long lasting value and satisfaction to our customers and that come with a lifetime guarantee.

Missen Acoustic is a British, family-owned independent business founded in 1984 by Trevor Missen to design and manufacture professional sound systems. From 1962 Trevor worked for several electronics and audio companies, including Tannoy and Dolby Labs. A lover of music from a young age, he began making his own sound equipment as a fourteen-year-old schoolboy. He soon found that the most important part of a sucessful valve amplifier was the output transformer - a simple looking component but one which says 'there's more to me than meets the eye'. At the age of 16 struggling to build his own test equipment, he got the chance to 'play' with a Tektronics 545 oscilloscope at the company he was then working for. Being 'blown away' by the Tek's sheer performance with stellar execution, the bar was set in his quest for the deep knowledge and excellence that remains the ethos of Missen Acoustic to this day.