System GR-5

Bring your music collection alive with one of our stereo state-of-the-art sound systems;
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Missen Acoustic system 123

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System GR-5 follows the design rules laid down for all our systems; namely, the highest performance in terms of tonal balance and sound stage, all within the smallest physical footprint. GR-5 is designed for small to medium sized rooms.
GR-5 is a stereo, 3-way system, and comprises left, right mid-top, and single bass speakers, all powered by a dedicated three-channel amplifier.

3-way speaker systems offer certain advantages; a separate bass speaker allows the mid-top speaker cabinets to be made smaller and lighter and less obtrusive and, working as an omnidirectional point source, the seperate bass speaker provides a more even and controlled bass coverage overcoming the problem of cancellation due to 'two' bass sources as is commonly found in conventional stereo systems. Moreover the interference effects from multipoint bass radiation can give rise to noise pollution, an important consideration if living in high density housing.