System 123

Missen Acoustic system 123

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Tired of humping heavy cumbersome loudspeakers and amplifiers around in order to get that 'big sound'?
The Missen Acoustic System 123 is light in weight, portable, and delivers a level of perfomance characterized only by much larger and heavier 'boxed' systems. Allowing the top speakers to be split into seperate parts makes System 123 easy to handle and transport.
Portability is further enhanced by the system's plug-in and play amplifier. All signal processing and amplification needed, is taken care of in this single, lightweight, free-standing unit. It's standard features include calibrated SPL output meter, calibrated presetable SPL limiter, balanced input jacks, pre-amp with two mic inputs + two mixing, stereo, music inputs and tone balance control.

Top Speakers.
Dispersion System: Point-Source. (HF) 90H x 40V degrees.
HF: 1.4inch exit, 2.5inch voice coil, compresion driver on Missen Acoustic, N-X constant-directivity horn.
Mid: Direct Radiator, loaded with two, 2inch voice coil, 8inch drivers.
Crossover: Passive; air cored inductors, film capacitors.

Bass Speakers.
Dispersion System: Point Source. omni-directional.
Direct Radiator, front vented enclosure loaded with a single high-sensitivity, 15inch dia, 3inch voice coil driver.

System amplifier delivers a maximum 120dB spl (limited) @1Metre. (enough to cover even the largest dance-floors).
Refined and robust, this cool running unit measures only H W L weighs just 10kg and powers up with the turn of a single switch.