System TM-10

Missen Acoustic system 123

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The importance of a good sound at a venue can never be underestimated or dismissed. The sound system at a particular venue can set it apart from the others in conveying greater entertainment value and enjoyment to it's customers and - can even advance it's success.

The legendary TM-10, first introduced 1985, has undergone many detailed iterations since, and remains, in a class of its own. TM-10 is a proven, robust, high-performance, point source loudspeaker designed for the more demanding applications that require higher but controlled sound pressure levels from the loudspeakers. TM-10 is then perfectly suited for uses as diverse as as in bars, nightclubs, discotheque dance-floors and where a stable sound field is required for sound reinforcement in venu's such as, large halls, conference centres and anywhere, where clarity of speech from micrphones is paramount.

TM-10 is highly customizable and can be made floor-standing or flown with finishes to meet cutomers individual requirements.

Description. Dispersion System: Point-Source. (HF) 90H x 40V degrees.
HF: 2inch exit, 4 inch voice coil, compresion driver on Missen Acoustic, N-X constant-directivity horn.
Mid: Direct Radiator, loaded with two, 3inch voice coil,10inch drivers.
Crossover: Passive; air cored inductors, film capacitors.